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Summary A PHP editor with some unique, useful functions
Category construction
License GNU General Public License


There are a lot of editors out there. But no matter which one you take they miss some useful functionalities. This is editor's aim is to fill these gaps.
It's supposed to have the following base functionality:
  • syntax highlight (PHP and HTML)
  • code completion - includes all PHP functions, constants and the user defined ones
  • file browser - the user can open any file from the disk
  • user projects - the user can create his custom projects
    • add folders from his computer
    • add ftp site that is automatically syncronized with the local folders
    • a TODO panel for user defined tasks
  • run the PHP scripts directly - no need for a http server
  • multiple people can edit the same file - the user shares a file and other users can connect and edit simultaniously the shared file (there is a chat area bellow the edited file)

The project is written in Delphi and is completely open source.